Helping in the Journey to Revitalize Manufacturing in the USA

For several decades, choosing manufacturing as a career has typically been at the bottom of many student’s lists for dream jobs. Jobs in manufacturing are often over looked and perceived as low-tech for various reasons. However, manufacturing is an essential part of our economy that is driven by highly technical skills. According to a recent report, “manufacturing today accounts for 12 percent of the U.S. economy and about 11 percent of the private-sector workforce.”  Decades ago, the United States used to dominate the world in manufacturing and today our position has slowly deteriorated. It’s important for manufacturers to re-engage our youth and reverse the negative image manufacturing careers present.

There are various ways to increase interest in manufacturing, for example, October 4th has been pronounced Manufacturing Day. This day was created to promote the importance of manufacturing in the US and the role it plays in our economy. Companies are encouraged to open their doors to the public by giving tours and live demonstrations of their day to day operations with hopes of portraying manufacturing as a viable career option.

PT Coupling stands behind Manufacturing Day all the way! We believe that for too long, we have become overly dependent on other countries to manufacture our goods and in the process have lost many economic opportunities to other countries. By revamping the negative image manufacturing has we can make a difference and help bring back manufacturing jobs to the US.256px-CP-plus(an_annual_camera_trade_show_in_Japan)small

One way we help in this image revamp is by attending trade shows. We are able not only to expand our customer base, but also showcase the different capabilities we have for manufacturing. By highlighting our products and services in a hands-on atmosphere, we are able to bring attention to the meaningful part we play in the US economy. On October 22-24th we will be displaying at the Wichita Industrial Trade Show. Stop by Parrish Manufacturing booth #10 to see us. We would love to chat!