The Secret to Global Commerce – Building Trust Worldwide

In our a previous blog post, we talked about the importance of communication to keeping our domestic customers happy and supplying them with the parts they need. Communication is at the heart of our global operations as well. Our manufacturer reps are instrumental to this global communication. They serve as our link to our distributors throughout the world. By keeping an eye on what those distributors need and submitting purchase orders to us early, we’re able to keep our distributors stocked no matter where in the world they’re located.


Communication is also vital to capitalizing on opportunities. The goal of many of our distributors is to work with as few vendors as possible. With a broad range of expertise, we can provide the diverse part offering they’re looking for. The key to being successful is making sure they know that. One of our customers was buying a part from someone else—a part we also manufactured. By letting them know they could get that part from us in addition to what they were already buying, we were able to increase our sales and allow them to work with one less vendor.

Our customers know that they can count on us from half a world away. That’s an accomplishment we’re proud of, and one we work hard to maintain every day. Beyond effective communication, supplying a global marketplace requires adherence to the same principles observed by any successful business: Quality, Service and Integrity. Not only are our customers getting quality parts and service, they can also trust our word. When we tell them a certain price for a job, or a time when they can expect their parts, they know that they can count on that information. That’s because we’ve worked hard to establish a reputation of high integrity. When we quote a job, we lock in prices for a period of time, regardless of increases in material costs. When we do increase prices, we provide our customers with 60 days notice.