The Shale Revolution, and the PT COUPLING Products that Support It

As America’s manufacturing industry continues to make a great comeback, many are crediting the energy boom—due to hydraulic fracturing—as one of the major contributing factors. In fact, the American Petroleum Institute called fracking a “game-changing energy revolution.”

As the practice of hydraulic fracturing is sure to continue, there will also continue to be a need for equipment associated with drilling the wells. Moving the fluids from the source to the well site requires large-bore diameter hoses and tubing to pump the water, usually in sizes of 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12-inches. This is a large-volume, high-pressure job, and if the fittings that connect those hoses fail, or are not properly installed, the hose will separate, causing major spillage and the potential for significant injuries.Capture

We are proud to make fittings of the quality and strength required for these tough jobs, and our experience with and history in this industry means a guaranteed quality and safety factor. We produce our own castings and tooling, do all of the machining and assembling, and engineer the entire part, all using certifiable material, further guaranteeing their safety and performance.

We’ve been offering 6, 8, and 10-inch fittings for lay-flat hoses for some time, and very soon will also be offering 12-inch products. They are reusable and easily installed in the field, reducing repair downtime and expense. They are made-in-the-USA, and their high-grade aluminum design ensures weight reduction and long lasting benefits.

And while these are primarily used for fracking hoses, their versatility means they can be used for many applications; in any industry or application with discharge liquid and large-bore diameters, they are ideal.

Finally, as a fully vertical manufacturing facility, we have the ability to offer these products to our customers from concept to finished part, solving any unique needs and meeting complex challenges.  And we are always available to our customers, meaning our high standards for quality products are matched by our high standards for customer service.

As important as hydraulic fracturing is to the country, the equipment that supports it is equally important, and that’s why choosing proven products just makes sense.