Product Spotlight: Safety Pumping Systems

The pumping systems used in hazardous liquid transport are one of the most important aspects of the market. Their dependability and quality are simply invaluable.

Our patented Safety Pumping Systems (SPS) are known for having revolutionized safety within the industry, with their unique features and uncompromised reliability. They are also known throughout the industry for their ease of use and installation, and for their distinctly user-friendly aspects.

Now, with our offering of the System-in-a-Box kit, it brings the safety features of the SPS to the price point of every fleet and application, allowing for the benefits of the SPS without the costs of custom pump installation.homepage3

With this new offering of the trailer-mounted hydraulic drive crude system, the product is available in both trailer- and tractor-mounted configurations, and either PTO or hydraulically driven.

All of our Safety Pumping Systems offer unique benefits and features that include:

  • Driver-friendly, safe and easy operation with variable flow in both directions
  • Relief valve protection in both directions of flow, reducing the chance of spills
  • Neutral position—no flow, no pressure
  • They use standard Roper 3648 or Blackmer TDX3E single relief valve
  • Simple hydraulic system—one speed, one rotation, on/off
  • The tactile feel of the pumping process prevents spills and manages any issues, offering driver control

With these advantages and innovations, it’s no wonder our SPS systems are being recognized as the standard pump system for the country’s leading tanker fleets. They are as easy to install and use as they are effective, and they provide the best assurance of safety for an industry that depends on safe operation.

Want to see them in action? Check out these demonstration videos, and feel free to contact us with any questions.