New Year, New Exciting Options!

Happy New Year!

pt couplingAt PT Coupling, we have built our success on the commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality, service, and integrity of any manufacturer in our industry. These values drive all of our actions and in 2015 we will continue to build on these principles with exciting new digital offerings.

Our new digital catalog and App are moving us into the modern mobile age with technologies that put our products right at your fingertips. This new full color catalog offers easy and intuitive navigation, clear and concise product information, and simple ordering abilities. Item information is as clear as in a paper catalog but the electronic version offers hi-tech options that aren’t available by others in the industry.

This new electronic catalog enables printing or emailing of individual pages for direct and specific email marketing to customers for information on new products. Customers, manufacturing reps, and employees will have the information they need with one click of a button!

Since this is web-based, the amount of information is beyond what we can offer in a simple paper document. The online, electronic version offers links to additional information such as YouTube videos that showcase our products in real-world situations.

Our new App complements our digital catalog and brings our showroom right to your phone or tablet. It is interactive and offers product information as well as different tiles that will be updated with new and exciting educational and technical videos and information on products.

As we kick off 2015, we are looking forward to entering the digital age and interacting with our customers on a new level by enhancing their access to our products and making it simple to receive product information and place orders. But, don’t worry if you aren’t ready to become digital yourself; we still offer catalogs in the traditional hard-copy paper format for those who prefer having a catalog in hand.

We are excited about these new options and hope they will serve you well and make receiving the information you need a little easier.  Click here to access our digital catalog and check the App Store for our free mobile application.