Come See Us at the NAHAD Convention & the NTTC Expo!

Like many of you, attending a trade show is a fun day at work for us. We believe in the value of attending trade shows to get out and network with customers and industry professionals. There isn’t a better way to inform a large, focused audience on what we’ve been up to in the last year.

We will, again, be exhibiting at both the NAHAD Convention and the NTTC. It will be a busy April for us, but we look forward to these shows each year.

At this year’s events we will be highlighting our newest systems and services. We have just debuted our new digital catalog, and mobile app, so that you have all of our products at your fingertips when you need them. This comprehensive web-based catalog and app lets you link to additional information and bring the showroom with you wherever you are.

The Logo Store is a feature on the new app that includes QR codes for fast and easy product information and ordering. For anyone who stops by our booth at the upcoming NAHAD convention – we will be giving out a 50% off coupon to the Logo Store. Details on our electronic offerings are available here or check out our quick and easy QR codes below!

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– 2015 Full Line Catalog

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– PT Coupling’s Logo Store

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– PT Coupling’s Mobile App (iOs & Android)

We are also proud to introduce a new, innovative product for transloading applications. The Safety Pumping System is specially designed to prevent spills when discharging any liquid from a tanker truck. When pumping stops, the product in the hose is sucked back into the truck allowing the hose to be disconnected without leaking. In addition to preventing the loss of product, this system protects the environment from contamination. We are very excited to bring this system to the attention of the industry.

To meet with us and hear more about our newest offerings, please stop by our booths at these expos:

NAHAD’s annual conventionNAHAD Convention logo will be taking place in Miami on April 23-27. Dedicated to hose distributors, manufacturers and suppliers, the NAHAD convention offers education seminars, business networking opportunities, and exhibits that showcase hose solutions. We will be in Booths 105 and 106 on Sunday at the NAHAD Showcase 8:30am-1:00pm.

NTTC logoNTTC (National Tank Truck Carriers) Annual Conference and Exhibit is being held in Boston on April 26-28. This conference brings tank truck carrier executives, private fleet managers, shippers and trucking professionals from North America together with the industry’s leading suppliers for education programs, advocacy, and exhibitions. You can find us in Booth 412.

We hope that you will stop by and say “hello” if you will be attending either one of these conferences. We look forward to connecting with current customers and showcasing our outstanding products and services to future customers.

Protect the environment with Safety Pumping Systems

The increase of production in the oil and gas industry in this country has led to a great increase in tank truck transport of oil and hazardous fluids. Although moving materials by tanker trucks isn’t a new phenomenon, the increase in the energy boom has heightened awareness of environmental and safety concerns of spills and accidents that occur during transloading applications.

To address this problem, we have partnered with Heavy Duty Innovations, the original designer of the Safety Pumping System, to manufacture and distribute this innovative product. The product came about because of the need to prevent spills after discharging a portion of gas, oil, diesel, alcohol or other liquid product from a tanker truck. After the initial amount was unloaded, the hose was still full of product and the question of how to disconnect the hose without spilling arose.

The answer was a specially designed safety system that sucks the liquid out of the hose and back into the tanker. This jerk-free driver friendly pumping system was created and is revolutionizing the industry. The ease of this system makes it seamless and simple for any truck driver. Built around any pump and consisting of just two welds, the system features controls that are the same no matter what fluid is being pumped.

The driver interface enables the driver to move the handle to the left to load and the right to unload. It offers the ability to stop anytime during pumping and greater control for the driver to realize a problem before a spill occurs. For instance if there is a closed valve anywhere in the system the driver can feel the pressure buildup and recheck connections.

This system mounts on the trailer or tractor of tanker trucks and prevents blowing hoses and overfilling—the leading causes of environments contamination and driver injury. Because of the safety value, this pumping system has been mandated for use by large corporate crude companies.

Offering the best protection of the environment and the safest choice for crude oil transport, the Safety Pumping System is the only transport pump solution with standardized installation, operation, and interchangeable parts.

PT Coupling casts all parts and pieces that are needed to assemble a system onto a truck. You can be assured of the high-quality of each component in this Made in the USA system.