Safety Awareness is on the Calendar for June

In June we celebrate dads, grads, and SADs (Safety Awareness Days). Actually, we hold our company to safety awareness days all year long, but June has been designated as National Safety Council LogoNational Safety Awareness Month by the National Safety Council. Naturally, we thought this would be a good time to talk about the importance of safety in manufacturing and how we are constantly working to keep our employees and facilities safe.

Staying safe takes work; whether you are at work, at home, out in the community, or on the road. The National Safety Council provides materials and programs to raise awareness and prevent accidents from occurring. Here at PT Coupling, safety awareness is an ongoing commitment that each and every employee is involved with.

Accidents are a leading cause of missed work days, and most are preventable. Since becoming proactive in safety training and awareness, our accident rate has gone down by almost 90%. How have we accomplished this?

Our safety committee, made up of one employee from each department, meets two times per month, with a safety audit being one of those meetings. These meeting allow us to discuss questions/concerns of each department, policies, OSHA rules, safety issues and follow-ups. We have recently completed a new safety video for employees and are working on one for visitors as well.

Engaging employees in valuing safety is a large part of our success. Our motto is INJAM—It’s Not Just About Me—because working together means being mindful of how our actions affect those around us. Following a “safety first” mindset prepares workers for being responsible for their own safety, which in return, helps to keep others safe.

Each month safety issues are reviewed with all employees including topics like tornado shelters, fire safety, electrical safety, ergonomics, etc. On-site safety classes are provided for emergency response training and each area has one to two designated First Responders.

We have also implemented improvements to help employees feel better on the job. Stretch and flex exercises and five minute breaks give workers a chance to recharge, improve their attitude, aid flexibility, and get their blood flowing. The positive response to these improvements has been incredible.

Safety affects everyone, and everyone must be involved. Our company has belonged to Captive Resources Insurance Group for five years and has successfully increased safety awareness across all departments.