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Presenting Products at PEI Convention & NTTC

The importance of liquid fuel and gas to the growth, development, and expansion of the global economy can’t be denied.

As a result, it is essential for the distributors, the procurers and the API Adapter May 2016strategists who operate in this industry to exchange thoughts, read up on latest breakthroughs and have a very clear idea of what the future holds for fuel in general and its various means of transportation.

 The NTTC and the PEI Convention at the NACS Show:

The National Tank Truck Carriers is unanimously accepted as the voice of the tanker industry. This gathering is the premier tradeshow of the niche which focuses on topics of import such as compliance with state and federal regulations pertaining to transport and distribution of flammables and gases, the impact of careless handling on the environment, the precautionary measures through which the safety of the driver and attendants can be further assured and the maintenance of associated tools and equipment for minimum wastage during transfer. This year, Tank Truck Week stretches over the 18th to the 20th of October and will be held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center & New Orleans Marriott.


The PEI convention is popular because it is the hub of education and innovation. Stalwarts of the fuel sector congregate to network, peruse and appraise new technologies and assimilate knowledge dispensed over the educational sessions. Held at the Georgia World Congress Center over the 18th to the 21st of October, it is the perfect complement to the NTTC.


PT Coupling is proud to announce that it will attend both events, occupying booth number 1017 at NTTC and 4545 at the PEI Convention.

 The Products on Display:

PT Coupling will be leading with its revolutionary Safety Pump Systems (SPS) that boast relief valve protection in both directions, cross over options for dual side transloading and fully reversible flow. It is all set to simplify the process of certification that drivers have to pass in order to be declared competent to handle sophisticated tank trucks.

The API Load/Unload Adapters with a quick release ergonomic handle and rotatable nose ring, a full roster of petroleum products, the portable PT Hose tool that assembles hoses and tags them for easier cataloguing and an array of cam and groove couplings are some of the other items that visitors will be able to see demonstrations of.

If you have questions about the products discussed or would like to interact with us at these events, please reach out to us at We look forward to seeing you at NTTC and the PEI Convention!

PTC 65 Years Logo Without QR Codes - July 2016

NAHAD*PTC is a proud affiliate of NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute.  

PT Coupling is at the 2016 Pacific Oil Conference with New Breakthrough Products

The trick to growing and thriving in any industry is learning.

And obviously networking!

The Pacific Oil Conference is one event that offers access to stimulating educational content and introductions to possible vendors and partners, it is tagged a must attend show for wholesalers, retailers, convenience store operators, common carriers, lubricant suppliers, manufacturers and service providers in the fuel space.

This year’s edition is scheduled for the 6th to 8th of September and will see participation of a record number of attendees.

As one of the most reliable manufacturers and distributors of US made quick connect/disconnect couplings and replacement parts for the Petroleum, Industrial, Chemical and Food Grade markets, PT Coupling will also be present.

Helping Make the Pacific Oil Conference a Unique Show:

The mission of the Pacific Oil Conference is to provide businesses with tangible information and breakthrough products to expand their operations. PT Coupling is happy to help in this regard. We will be displaying two unique items that solve some classic petroleum handling issues like driver safety and lack of productivity at coupler joints.

The Safety Pumping System Kits:

Custom made and compatible with pumps of many leading brands, the SPS Kit is designed to provide a driver-friendly interface that makes petroleum handling quicker, easier and safer. It can accommodate highly flammable as well as viscous fluids covering the range of diesel, gasoline, crude oil and tar, ensuring ultra-high performance and better delivery speeds. Available in three kit variants and multiple system configurations, the SPS System Kit is something PT Coupling is proud of.

API Load/Unload Adapter and Coupler:

Boasting features like two-piece design for better serviceability and maintenance, improved flow control and a tested release handle that requires just the right pressure to get the job done, the API Load/Unload Adapter and Coupler has already started improving reliability of fuel handling and delivery set-ups. Easy to use and even easier to dissemble, it has Viton seals that can be replaced at site and a strong grip with stainless steel interlocking latches that ensure zero drip and no budge while in use.

Apart from these products, we will also have in stock cam and groove couplings, truck flanges, vapor recovery equipment, valves/fittings/clamps (including our new butterfly valve), hose retention systems, safety bumps, engraving machines and more. Drop by booth number 3 and we will be glad to assist you in the purchase of innovative solutions for your brand.

Contact us here for more information.

PT Coupling Joins in Supporting Humanitarian Aid when Disaster Strikes

If you’ve never heard of The Fuel Relief Fund, they are the team thatFuel Relief Image 1 brings in fuel needed to power life-saving equipment. Their most recent dispatch was in April when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit northern Ecuador. Six provinces in the country were ruled ”disaster zones” resulting in hundreds of injuries and thousands of people who were left homeless. The Fuel Relief Fund First Response Team arrived with free fuel to run the generators which power lights, medical equipment, and basic modern technologies like phones for survivors to reach out to their families.

The fuel also assists the ongoing response of other humanitarian aid partners in the area. However, in order to do this the organization relies on donations. Their goal for the Ecuadorian Earthquake Response is $50,000 and they are almost there. Through fundraisers such as the sold-out Spring Golf Tournament they have been instrumental in providing fuel in disasters all over the world including Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, the Haiti Earthquake in 2010, and Super Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

The fund was started during Hurricane Katrina when founder Ted Fuel Relief Image 2Honcharik heard about the severe gas shortage in the area. A group of people involved in the California oil industry sent a tanker of fuel to New Orleans and started giving away fuel. What most people don’t even realize is that lack of fuel is a chronic problem in disaster areas.

Today, the group doesn’t send their own tankers out to affected zones. Through donor money, the group buys fuel locally and gets it to where it is needed the most. Right now the fuel is needed to assist those in Ecuador trying to survive after the devastating earthquake. You can help by making a donation which will assist organizations in life-saving search and rescue efforts, medical attention, and basic living requirements.

Here at PT Coupling, we are integrally involved in the oil and gasFuel Relief Image 3 industry and support many humanitarian aid organizations. We feel especially connected to the Fuel Relief Fund because we understand the role fuel plays in our lives. We rely on fuel for most modern conveniences and helping out those in need helps us give back.

We hope that you will join us in supporting this worthwhile group as they work to bring fuel to areas experiencing a natural disaster. Contact us here to learn more.

PTC 65 Years Logo Without QR Codes - July 2016

PT Coupling Learns, Teaches, and Makes Safety

June is a great time of year – the days are getting longer and warmer, everyone is taking vacation, and the kids are out of school. All of this makes it a great time to talk about safety, as these distractions can push it out of our minds. This is why every June is National Safety Month, a month dedicated to addressing safety issues at work, at home, on the roads, and in the community.

National Safety Month 2016 safe for lifePT Coupling Makes Safety 

With our products in use across a number of dangerous industries including the Petroleum sector and chemical and industrials areas, we produce plenty of safety products designed to keep our customers safe. These include:


Safety Bump and Safety Lock – Providing a comfortable handle to avoid injury and a bump to protect the hose fittings and ears from damage.
Secure Locks – A great way to secure your couplings to prevent tampering or accidents, great for lock out/tag out needs.
Pressure Safes – Passive safety features to protect the operator from personal injury in the event that quick release cam arms are opened under pressure.
Safety Pumping Systems – Entire systems constructed with the utmost safety in mind, to prevent transloading spills and accidents such as blown hoses.

PT Coupling Learns Safety

Our team is constantly learning the latest in safety procedures, and updating our practices to meet these as well as any new OSHA regulations. This includes sending our team offsite to conferences, seminars, and more. For instance, during National Safety Month, our safety director will be participating in the 2016 Oklahoma Safety & Health Conference – a three-day seminar in which we will learn new safety ideas and tactics to bring back to our team to incorporate into our everyday practices.

PT Coupling Teaches Safety

Of course, all of this does nothing if you don’t spread the word, and we are committed to educating both our workers, as well as external parties. Twice a month, our safety committee comes together to addresses safety issues, including answering questions, clarifying process and policies, discussing OSHA rules and regulations, and more. One of those meetings is a safety audit, while we also allow for additional safety classes during the month as needed. You can see an example of our safety standards and practices for both employees and visitors here.

Our goal at PT Coupling is safety for everyone we touch – from our suppliers to our staff and workers, to our customers and beyond. While National Safety Month is a great yearly reminder, we like to treat safety as something that should be on your mind every day of the year. It keeps everyone going home safe and sound at the end of the day, and that should be the focus of all companies, regardless of size, industry, or reach. So please join us in observing regular safety in all aspects of your life! Wanting more? Take a look at our National Safety Month blog from June 2015!

We’re Back from Spring Trade Shows!

If you missed our last few posts, April and May had us traveling to two of our most anticipated shows—NAHAD and NTTC. As predicted, both shows had big attendance rates, and we were able to connect with customers from a wide range of industries. The conferences were a great success, as our booths were consistently busy. Our knowledge team answered a record number of questions and demonstrated new and improved PT Coupling hose assembly products. So, here’s a quick wrap-up of the highlights from the shows:

At NAHAD, we introduced the new PT HoseTool. This guaranteed hose assembly tool saves time and money while significantly reducing potential injury risks when making hose assemblies. Industry professionals were impressed by the HoseTool which requires no heat up time or sledgehammers resulting in possible damage to fittings or personal injury. The ease of this tool made a big impact.

API Adapter May 2016At NTTC, we introduced the newly redesigned API Load/Unload Adapter and Coupler. Tank truck professionals saw how the new design of the adapter benefits the operator with improved speed and safety. The two piece design leads to easier maintenance. This API Adapter features improved flow, rotatable nose ring, and quick release ergonomic handle. The new API Coupler has a simplified style that increases productivity and improves reliability and safety. Features include Viton® seals that are replaceable on site, interlocking stainless steel latches for secure coupling, lightweight, and simple disassembly for easy servicing.

Following both shows, PT Coupling hosted another successful PTC Hospitality Event Image 1hospitality event at the Broadmoor Ballroom in Colorado Springs that set a record for the number of attendees. The evening also gave us the chance to visit with NAHAD distributors and celebrate our 65th anniversary in business. We are continuing our celebration by offering all of our customers an anniversary savings present! Everyone can enjoy 40% off PT Logo Store on one order through December 31, 2016. Use the QR Code above or coupon code to take advantage of this offer!

The shows may be over, but the value of our products remain important to the hose and tanker industries. We look forward to hearing from those we met at each conference to supply our U.S. made PT Coupling products. Integrity, reliability and quality are just some of the practices we bring to each trade show and deliver in the products we supply to every customer. Interested in learning more? Follow our past blog posts or visit our website today.

The Countdown to NTTC and NAHAD is On!

As a continuation of our March blog, we are spreading more news regarding the upcoming shows we will be attending at the end of this month. The NTTC Conference and NAHAD Convention are shaping up to be significant events both within the industry and our company specifically. This year is going to be a personal milestone as we will be celebrating our 65th year in business! Coinciding our celebration, PT Coupling will be exhibiting our industry knowledge and top-quality products on display at each expo.

Digging beyond annual meet ups and exhibits, we appreciate both organizations because they focus on integrity and quality within the industry. These are areas in which our team regularly strives to excel. Today, PT Coupling is eager to spread our core values to our customer base and beyond.

With over 800 delegates attending each conference this April, we’re excited to meet the new faces that will be coming by our displays this year. Make sure to jot down our booth numbers before you head out the door! At NTTC you will find our crew at booth #68. At NAHAD swing by the NAHAD Showcase May 3rd – booths #71 and #72 for the latest updates. Now to break down both events…

When stopping by our NTTC booth you will find our newest API Load/Unload Adapters which are designed with the operator in mind. We would also like to highlight their speed and safety capabilities. With our adapters you will notice improved flow, a rotatable nose ring, a quick release handle and an ergonomic handle. Use them as an alternative for you tanker loading and unloading needs. In addition, we will be featuring our newest line of grooved pipe couplings, as shared in detail on our March blog.

By visiting our NAHAD booth you will be able to explore our American made quick connect/disconnect couplings and replacement parts. We supply the following markets: petroleum, industrial, chemical, and food processing with top-shape products that they know they can rely on. Experts will be on hand to answer any questions and find solutions to any difficult applications you might have.

Choosing to operate a manufacturing company in the U.S. is a decision we are proud of every day, as many attending each event will be able to understand. Our products are produced by following good manufacturing practices, adhering to environmental standards, employing our neighbors, building community, and providing jobs for the next generation. It isn’t always easy, but we are extremely proud to say that our products are U.S. made!

Check out these products and more at NTTC, April 24th-26th at the Marriot Marquis San Diego and NAHAD, April 30th-May 4th at The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, CO.

We hope to see you at both shows and remember to come back for our next blog post where we’ll wrap up the conferences and give you an inside look at our Hospitality event!

PT Coupling Kicks off 2016 with Outstanding New Products

At PT Coupling, we believe in the power of ingenuity and that there is always room for improvement. We wouldn’t be a leading manufacturer of quick connect/disconnect couplings without the drive to improve, perfect, and innovate.

We are kicking-off 2016 the right way – by introducing two new products that we are adding to our lineup. The first new item is an expansion of our C50 external crimp system by adding a flange by the hose shank. The C50 style Progrip External Crimp System Flange X Hose Shank is available in 4 unique fitting styles manufactured from 316 stainless steel:

• PFFC50: A specially designed floating ANSI 150# pipe flange by C50 style hose shank stub end that allow the floating flange to slide over a crimped sleeve or ferrule. Because the hose assembler has the option of sliding the flange down the hose, the crimp machine doesn’t have to open up to clear the flange diameter. Available in 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, and 4”.
• PFC50: An ANSI B16.5 class 150# pipe flange by C50 style external crimp hose shank which is a fixed pipe flange by the hose shank. Available in 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, 4”, and 6”.
• TBC50: A C50 style hose shank stub end designed to fit a standard 150# ANSI lap joint pipe flange. Available in 2”, 3”, and 4”.
• TTFC50: A TTMA tank truck flange by C50 style external crimp hose. This is a fixed tank truck flange by hose shank. Available in 3” and 4”.

The expanded family of C50 external crimp system will offer another level of ease and safety to users in the petroleum, chemical, food, and industrial sectors.

Our second new product introduction that will improve liquid and dry transfer applications is an Aluminum Grooved Pipe Coupling. These couplings are a cost effective alternative to heavy duty grooved pipe couplings for use in applications that do not require high pressure. The integrated stud bolts and nuts enable quick and easy assembly and the unique profile allows expansion during installation and protects the seal from damage. Grooved pipe couplings are available in 3 sizes:

Grooved Pipe Coupling Feb. 2016• 2” with rating up to 400 psi
• 3” with rating up to 200 psi
• 4” with rating up to 150 psi

Aluminum Grooved Pipe Couplings are also available with a choice of Viton® or Buna seals.

These products can be found in our online catalog, through our mobile friendly app, and are coming to our website!

Keep an eye out for our next blog where we will tell you about our upcoming trip to the Western Petroleum Marketers Association (WPMA) convention. We’ll be exhibiting in Booth #1500 and will provide you with further information coming soon!


*PTC is a proud affiliate of NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute.  

The Year That Was: 2015

2015 was a busy year for PT Coupling. We’ve been traveling to 2015 Dec. Blog Imagetrade shows, giving back to the community, and of course manufacturing the best quick connect/disconnect fittings on the market today. The end of the year is a nice time to look back at the past year and reflect on all that we’ve done.

Our family owned company continues to bring new and innovative products to our customers. This year we traveled to many events to exhibit and network with the industries we serve. Our busy calendar had us setting out to the NAHAD Convention and the NTTC Expo in April, the Pacific Oil Conference in September, the annual PEI Convention/NACS tradeshow in October, and the National Tank Truck Carriers’Tank Truck Week” and the “Clean Gulf Show” in November.

At all of these events we were able to demonstrate our outstanding products and help industry professionals troubleshoot and find solutions to many of their problems. We also had time to mingle with past customers and network with potential customers in a casual and entertaining setting. At PEI, for instance, we featured petroleum handling fittings and nozzles that are used in all stages of petroleum manufacturing, transportation, and logistics, as well as fuel transfer applications. Bringing our products to an exhibition allows us to reach a large audience with the same goals in mind.

While it is our mission to serve our customers and industries, we are also proud to support the communities in which we live, work, play and learn. In 2015, we contributed to the support of more than a dozen non-profit organizations. We are proud to be a leading community sponsor of the United Way, both at the corporate level and through our generous employee donations. We sponsor the Garfield Child Advocacy Center, March of Dimes, Salvation Army, Ambucs and all our areal schools. We are especially proud to be able to support Leonardo’s Discovery Children’s Museum capital campaign as this historical museum founded by astronaut Owen K. Garriott is undergoing an extensive renovation. Leonardo’s is an interactive science and art center for the children of the community. The fun learning opportunities enrich and inspire the lives of all the children who visit. We have been involved with the museum for many years and are working to ensure that it remains a vital resource in the community for years to come.

As this busy and exciting year comes to a close, we are already looking forward to the adventures we’ll have in 2016! We will keep you up-to-date on all of our activities and travels!

From the PT Coupling family to yours, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season!


*PTC is a proud affiliate of NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute.  

See Our Made-In-America Couplings and Clamps for Petroleum, Trucking and Safety products at ‘National Tank Truck Week’ and ‘Clean Gulf Show’

November is a busy month for us here at PT Coupling! Look for us at both the National Varied Image of Safety Pump System 2Tank Truck Carriers’ “Tank Truck Week” in Houston and the “Clean Gulf Show” in New Orleans. At these shows, we will be featuring our entire line of couplings, Petroleum handling products and Safety Pumping system, Punch-Lok’s hose clamps, and banding, our ProGrip line of external crimp and internal expansion systems, and Hose management engraving systems with our new colored banding. “Tank Truck Week” and “Clean Gulf Show” will be happening simultaneously, but our team will be staffing our exhibit booths in both locations and be on-hand to answer any questions about the American-made quick connect/disconnect couplings and replacement parts we manufacture and distribute.

NTTC Logo Image Oct. 2015“Tank Truck Week” takes place at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, November 11th-13th, with the PT Coupling exhibit at Booth 416. Tank Truck Week is “the premier tank truck industry event” and is attended by representatives from the trucking and transportation industries, and anyone involved in the maintenance, safety and cleaning of tanks. This year’s event agenda includes a variety of educational sessions, plus a US DOT Cargo Tank Test Workshop for industry professionals. National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc. (NTTC) is a trade association of trucking companies specializing in bulk transportation services by cargo tank throughout North America. More information about the organization can be found on the NTTC website.

Safety Bump ImageThe “Clean Gulf Show” is a three-day event happening at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, November 10th-12th. This conference focuses on safety preparedness in the oil industry and is attended by professionals involved in the exploration, production, transportation and storage of oil and hazardous materials. The show “provides a forum for responders, operators, regulators, equipment providers and environmental groups to openly discuss best practices and lessons-learned.” This show is an ideal setting for PT Coupling products, which are designed to promote safety in many different industries and manufacturing operations. Look for the PT Coupling exhibit in Booth 325, where you’ll find Safety Bumps, Secure-Loks, Pressure Safe products, hose management systems, Punch-Lok’s punch type clamps, banding/strapping and safety boxes, and other safety-related products on display.

Clean Gulf Logo Image Oct. 2015If you’re not able to make it to either Houston or New Orleans this month, you can check out our products on our website, or give us a call at 800-654-0320, and we’d be happy to tell you more about the American-made quick connect/disconnect couplings, clamps, and replacement parts for the petroleum, chemical and industrial markets that we manufacture and distribute.


*PTC is a proud affiliate of NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute.  

PT Coupling Will be “Making Connections” at the Petroleum Equipment Institute Convention and NACS Tradeshow

This year, the annual PEI Convention/NACS tradeshow takes place Sunday, October 11th through Wednesday, October 14th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. PT Coupling will be exhibiting in the PEI Convention area in booth #5924 from Monday, October 12th through Wednesday, October 14th.

Stated on the PEI website, “The 2015 PEI Convention at the NACS Show is the event of the year for the fuel and fluid handling equipment industry. It is the best place to learn more about the industry on the trade show floor, in education sessions and events, and by networking with peers.” The NACS website continues, “Every year, the NACS Show bringsPTC Nozzle Image - Full together convenience and fuel retailing industry professionals for four days of learning, buying and selling, networking and fun – all designed to help participants grow their bottom line.”

At the PT Coupling exhibit booth at PEI/NACS, we will be featuring some of the petroleum handling fittings and nozzles that we manufacture and distribute. Our friendly team of representatives will be on hand to provide you with all the details about our company and products. PT Coupling petroleum handling fittings and nozzles are used in all phases of petroleum manufacturing, fuel transfer, petroleum transportation and logistics.

Stop by the PT Coupling PEI/NACS exhibit booth (#5924) to say hello – and to start “making connections” with us. If you can’t make it to Vegas for the convention and tradeshow, feel free to reach out to us at any time by contacting us through our website, visiting our online catalog, or calling us at 800-654-0320. You can also check out the latest through the PEI Journal for our showcase ad. We look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon!

*PTC is a proud affiliate of NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute.  logo_nahad