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Presenting Products at PEI Convention & NTTC

The importance of liquid fuel and gas to the growth, development, and expansion of the global economy can’t be denied.

As a result, it is essential for the distributors, the procurers and the API Adapter May 2016strategists who operate in this industry to exchange thoughts, read up on latest breakthroughs and have a very clear idea of what the future holds for fuel in general and its various means of transportation.

 The NTTC and the PEI Convention at the NACS Show:

The National Tank Truck Carriers is unanimously accepted as the voice of the tanker industry. This gathering is the premier tradeshow of the niche which focuses on topics of import such as compliance with state and federal regulations pertaining to transport and distribution of flammables and gases, the impact of careless handling on the environment, the precautionary measures through which the safety of the driver and attendants can be further assured and the maintenance of associated tools and equipment for minimum wastage during transfer. This year, Tank Truck Week stretches over the 18th to the 20th of October and will be held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center & New Orleans Marriott.


The PEI convention is popular because it is the hub of education and innovation. Stalwarts of the fuel sector congregate to network, peruse and appraise new technologies and assimilate knowledge dispensed over the educational sessions. Held at the Georgia World Congress Center over the 18th to the 21st of October, it is the perfect complement to the NTTC.


PT Coupling is proud to announce that it will attend both events, occupying booth number 1017 at NTTC and 4545 at the PEI Convention.

 The Products on Display:

PT Coupling will be leading with its revolutionary Safety Pump Systems (SPS) that boast relief valve protection in both directions, cross over options for dual side transloading and fully reversible flow. It is all set to simplify the process of certification that drivers have to pass in order to be declared competent to handle sophisticated tank trucks.

The API Load/Unload Adapters with a quick release ergonomic handle and rotatable nose ring, a full roster of petroleum products, the portable PT Hose tool that assembles hoses and tags them for easier cataloguing and an array of cam and groove couplings are some of the other items that visitors will be able to see demonstrations of.

If you have questions about the products discussed or would like to interact with us at these events, please reach out to us at We look forward to seeing you at NTTC and the PEI Convention!

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NAHAD*PTC is a proud affiliate of NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute.  

PT Coupling is at the 2016 Pacific Oil Conference with New Breakthrough Products

The trick to growing and thriving in any industry is learning.

And obviously networking!

The Pacific Oil Conference is one event that offers access to stimulating educational content and introductions to possible vendors and partners, it is tagged a must attend show for wholesalers, retailers, convenience store operators, common carriers, lubricant suppliers, manufacturers and service providers in the fuel space.

This year’s edition is scheduled for the 6th to 8th of September and will see participation of a record number of attendees.

As one of the most reliable manufacturers and distributors of US made quick connect/disconnect couplings and replacement parts for the Petroleum, Industrial, Chemical and Food Grade markets, PT Coupling will also be present.

Helping Make the Pacific Oil Conference a Unique Show:

The mission of the Pacific Oil Conference is to provide businesses with tangible information and breakthrough products to expand their operations. PT Coupling is happy to help in this regard. We will be displaying two unique items that solve some classic petroleum handling issues like driver safety and lack of productivity at coupler joints.

The Safety Pumping System Kits:

Custom made and compatible with pumps of many leading brands, the SPS Kit is designed to provide a driver-friendly interface that makes petroleum handling quicker, easier and safer. It can accommodate highly flammable as well as viscous fluids covering the range of diesel, gasoline, crude oil and tar, ensuring ultra-high performance and better delivery speeds. Available in three kit variants and multiple system configurations, the SPS System Kit is something PT Coupling is proud of.

API Load/Unload Adapter and Coupler:

Boasting features like two-piece design for better serviceability and maintenance, improved flow control and a tested release handle that requires just the right pressure to get the job done, the API Load/Unload Adapter and Coupler has already started improving reliability of fuel handling and delivery set-ups. Easy to use and even easier to dissemble, it has Viton seals that can be replaced at site and a strong grip with stainless steel interlocking latches that ensure zero drip and no budge while in use.

Apart from these products, we will also have in stock cam and groove couplings, truck flanges, vapor recovery equipment, valves/fittings/clamps (including our new butterfly valve), hose retention systems, safety bumps, engraving machines and more. Drop by booth number 3 and we will be glad to assist you in the purchase of innovative solutions for your brand.

Contact us here for more information.

PT Coupling Joins in Supporting Humanitarian Aid when Disaster Strikes

If you’ve never heard of The Fuel Relief Fund, they are the team thatFuel Relief Image 1 brings in fuel needed to power life-saving equipment. Their most recent dispatch was in April when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit northern Ecuador. Six provinces in the country were ruled ”disaster zones” resulting in hundreds of injuries and thousands of people who were left homeless. The Fuel Relief Fund First Response Team arrived with free fuel to run the generators which power lights, medical equipment, and basic modern technologies like phones for survivors to reach out to their families.

The fuel also assists the ongoing response of other humanitarian aid partners in the area. However, in order to do this the organization relies on donations. Their goal for the Ecuadorian Earthquake Response is $50,000 and they are almost there. Through fundraisers such as the sold-out Spring Golf Tournament they have been instrumental in providing fuel in disasters all over the world including Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, the Haiti Earthquake in 2010, and Super Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

The fund was started during Hurricane Katrina when founder Ted Fuel Relief Image 2Honcharik heard about the severe gas shortage in the area. A group of people involved in the California oil industry sent a tanker of fuel to New Orleans and started giving away fuel. What most people don’t even realize is that lack of fuel is a chronic problem in disaster areas.

Today, the group doesn’t send their own tankers out to affected zones. Through donor money, the group buys fuel locally and gets it to where it is needed the most. Right now the fuel is needed to assist those in Ecuador trying to survive after the devastating earthquake. You can help by making a donation which will assist organizations in life-saving search and rescue efforts, medical attention, and basic living requirements.

Here at PT Coupling, we are integrally involved in the oil and gasFuel Relief Image 3 industry and support many humanitarian aid organizations. We feel especially connected to the Fuel Relief Fund because we understand the role fuel plays in our lives. We rely on fuel for most modern conveniences and helping out those in need helps us give back.

We hope that you will join us in supporting this worthwhile group as they work to bring fuel to areas experiencing a natural disaster. Contact us here to learn more.

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PT Coupling Learns, Teaches, and Makes Safety

June is a great time of year – the days are getting longer and warmer, everyone is taking vacation, and the kids are out of school. All of this makes it a great time to talk about safety, as these distractions can push it out of our minds. This is why every June is National Safety Month, a month dedicated to addressing safety issues at work, at home, on the roads, and in the community.

National Safety Month 2016 safe for lifePT Coupling Makes Safety 

With our products in use across a number of dangerous industries including the Petroleum sector and chemical and industrials areas, we produce plenty of safety products designed to keep our customers safe. These include:


Safety Bump and Safety Lock – Providing a comfortable handle to avoid injury and a bump to protect the hose fittings and ears from damage.
Secure Locks – A great way to secure your couplings to prevent tampering or accidents, great for lock out/tag out needs.
Pressure Safes – Passive safety features to protect the operator from personal injury in the event that quick release cam arms are opened under pressure.
Safety Pumping Systems – Entire systems constructed with the utmost safety in mind, to prevent transloading spills and accidents such as blown hoses.

PT Coupling Learns Safety

Our team is constantly learning the latest in safety procedures, and updating our practices to meet these as well as any new OSHA regulations. This includes sending our team offsite to conferences, seminars, and more. For instance, during National Safety Month, our safety director will be participating in the 2016 Oklahoma Safety & Health Conference – a three-day seminar in which we will learn new safety ideas and tactics to bring back to our team to incorporate into our everyday practices.

PT Coupling Teaches Safety

Of course, all of this does nothing if you don’t spread the word, and we are committed to educating both our workers, as well as external parties. Twice a month, our safety committee comes together to addresses safety issues, including answering questions, clarifying process and policies, discussing OSHA rules and regulations, and more. One of those meetings is a safety audit, while we also allow for additional safety classes during the month as needed. You can see an example of our safety standards and practices for both employees and visitors here.

Our goal at PT Coupling is safety for everyone we touch – from our suppliers to our staff and workers, to our customers and beyond. While National Safety Month is a great yearly reminder, we like to treat safety as something that should be on your mind every day of the year. It keeps everyone going home safe and sound at the end of the day, and that should be the focus of all companies, regardless of size, industry, or reach. So please join us in observing regular safety in all aspects of your life! Wanting more? Take a look at our National Safety Month blog from June 2015!

Safety Awareness is on the Calendar for June

In June we celebrate dads, grads, and SADs (Safety Awareness Days). Actually, we hold our company to safety awareness days all year long, but June has been designated as National Safety Council LogoNational Safety Awareness Month by the National Safety Council. Naturally, we thought this would be a good time to talk about the importance of safety in manufacturing and how we are constantly working to keep our employees and facilities safe.

Staying safe takes work; whether you are at work, at home, out in the community, or on the road. The National Safety Council provides materials and programs to raise awareness and prevent accidents from occurring. Here at PT Coupling, safety awareness is an ongoing commitment that each and every employee is involved with.

Accidents are a leading cause of missed work days, and most are preventable. Since becoming proactive in safety training and awareness, our accident rate has gone down by almost 90%. How have we accomplished this?

Our safety committee, made up of one employee from each department, meets two times per month, with a safety audit being one of those meetings. These meeting allow us to discuss questions/concerns of each department, policies, OSHA rules, safety issues and follow-ups. We have recently completed a new safety video for employees and are working on one for visitors as well.

Engaging employees in valuing safety is a large part of our success. Our motto is INJAM—It’s Not Just About Me—because working together means being mindful of how our actions affect those around us. Following a “safety first” mindset prepares workers for being responsible for their own safety, which in return, helps to keep others safe.

Each month safety issues are reviewed with all employees including topics like tornado shelters, fire safety, electrical safety, ergonomics, etc. On-site safety classes are provided for emergency response training and each area has one to two designated First Responders.

We have also implemented improvements to help employees feel better on the job. Stretch and flex exercises and five minute breaks give workers a chance to recharge, improve their attitude, aid flexibility, and get their blood flowing. The positive response to these improvements has been incredible.

Safety affects everyone, and everyone must be involved. Our company has belonged to Captive Resources Insurance Group for five years and has successfully increased safety awareness across all departments.

Protect the environment with Safety Pumping Systems

The increase of production in the oil and gas industry in this country has led to a great increase in tank truck transport of oil and hazardous fluids. Although moving materials by tanker trucks isn’t a new phenomenon, the increase in the energy boom has heightened awareness of environmental and safety concerns of spills and accidents that occur during transloading applications.

To address this problem, we have partnered with Heavy Duty Innovations, the original designer of the Safety Pumping System, to manufacture and distribute this innovative product. The product came about because of the need to prevent spills after discharging a portion of gas, oil, diesel, alcohol or other liquid product from a tanker truck. After the initial amount was unloaded, the hose was still full of product and the question of how to disconnect the hose without spilling arose.

The answer was a specially designed safety system that sucks the liquid out of the hose and back into the tanker. This jerk-free driver friendly pumping system was created and is revolutionizing the industry. The ease of this system makes it seamless and simple for any truck driver. Built around any pump and consisting of just two welds, the system features controls that are the same no matter what fluid is being pumped.

The driver interface enables the driver to move the handle to the left to load and the right to unload. It offers the ability to stop anytime during pumping and greater control for the driver to realize a problem before a spill occurs. For instance if there is a closed valve anywhere in the system the driver can feel the pressure buildup and recheck connections.

This system mounts on the trailer or tractor of tanker trucks and prevents blowing hoses and overfilling—the leading causes of environments contamination and driver injury. Because of the safety value, this pumping system has been mandated for use by large corporate crude companies.

Offering the best protection of the environment and the safest choice for crude oil transport, the Safety Pumping System is the only transport pump solution with standardized installation, operation, and interchangeable parts.

PT Coupling casts all parts and pieces that are needed to assemble a system onto a truck. You can be assured of the high-quality of each component in this Made in the USA system.

Product Spotlight: Safety Pumping Systems

The pumping systems used in hazardous liquid transport are one of the most important aspects of the market. Their dependability and quality are simply invaluable.

Our patented Safety Pumping Systems (SPS) are known for having revolutionized safety within the industry, with their unique features and uncompromised reliability. They are also known throughout the industry for their ease of use and installation, and for their distinctly user-friendly aspects.

Now, with our offering of the System-in-a-Box kit, it brings the safety features of the SPS to the price point of every fleet and application, allowing for the benefits of the SPS without the costs of custom pump installation.homepage3

With this new offering of the trailer-mounted hydraulic drive crude system, the product is available in both trailer- and tractor-mounted configurations, and either PTO or hydraulically driven.

All of our Safety Pumping Systems offer unique benefits and features that include:

  • Driver-friendly, safe and easy operation with variable flow in both directions
  • Relief valve protection in both directions of flow, reducing the chance of spills
  • Neutral position—no flow, no pressure
  • They use standard Roper 3648 or Blackmer TDX3E single relief valve
  • Simple hydraulic system—one speed, one rotation, on/off
  • The tactile feel of the pumping process prevents spills and manages any issues, offering driver control

With these advantages and innovations, it’s no wonder our SPS systems are being recognized as the standard pump system for the country’s leading tanker fleets. They are as easy to install and use as they are effective, and they provide the best assurance of safety for an industry that depends on safe operation.

Want to see them in action? Check out these demonstration videos, and feel free to contact us with any questions.


NAHAD’s NEW Hose Safety Institute Handbook Available NOW

NAHAD SafetySince the inception of PT Coupling, we have held strong to a belief in the highest standards of quality, integrity, and service.  We are happy to report that a new tool for working toward these goals is now available for purchase from the NAHAD website: the new Hose Safety Institute Handbook.

The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD) promotes the highest standards of professionalism and integrity within the hose and accessories industry, and its resources support quality, safety and reliability in hose assembly. NAHAD’s newly revised and streamlined Handbook provides a single source for hose assembly safety guidelines (formerly 5 separate sources). The comprehensive, up-to-date, one-of-a-kind Hose Safety Institute Handbook even includes new tests just released this month, January 2013.

PT Coupling is proud to have played a role in the Handbook’s development. Amy Parrish was on the Core Team, reviewing the tests and participating in the pilots; and PT Coupling continues to stay connected and contribute to the organization. We plan to promote NAHAD’s best practices by ensuring that each of our manufacturer reps own a copy of this resource, then we’re even purchasing the tests ourselves so that all of our sales reps will be fully certified.

It is vital to our mission to ensure we have the fullest possible understanding of best practices and guidelines in order to deliver the level of quality and safety our customers have come to expect.