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It’s Almost Show Time! PT Coupling is Getting Ready for the NAHAD Convention and Expo

Each year we attend certain trade shows to connect with customers, network with other industry professionals. One of the biggest shows we attend each year is the annual NAHAD Convention. This year marks the 32nd gathering of members from the hose and accessory industry, taking place April 30th – May 4th at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO. The theme for 2016 is Learn, Share, Connect and, as a proud affiliate of NAHAD, we plan on doing just that!

PTC Hose Tool, Teeth view March 2016If you don’t know who we are you might be wondering how we are applicable to the trade show and industry as a whole. At PT Coupling Company, a division of Parrish Manufacturing Group, we control all aspects of manufacturing American made Cam & Groove fittings at their Oklahoma and Mississippi locations. Being a family owned business, we strive to maintain customer satisfaction with a quality product that is delivered on time at the lowest possible cost. Through innovation and engineering, we are proud to introduce some of our new products at the 2016 show.

PTC Hose Tool, arms down closed March 2016First up at bat: The PT Hose Tool. The PT Hose tool is an industrial hose assembly tool that saves time and money while reducing potential injury risks when making hose assemblies. Sizes will be available in 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” beginning with the 4” model release in spring. NAHAD and PT Performance Distributors are eligible to receive a discount price for pre-orders.

PTC Pipe GPC close up March 2016Next up: PT Grooved Pipe Couplings – available now in 2”, 3” and 4” sizes with Buna or Viton seals. Their unique profile protects the seal from damage by allowing room for the gasket to expand during installation.

Alongside previous shows we will be displaying our online presence through the latest version of our digital Full Line Catalog, the PT Coupling Logo Store, and mobile apps. Using QR codes is a quick and easy way to connect directly to our electronic applications. Experienced and knowledgeable PT Coupling professionals will be ready to answer any and all questions on our products and services.

PTC 3 piece vertical rendered shadow birghtened March 2016Interested in learning more at the show? This year, we will be bringing our innovative systems, solutions, and services to the NAHAD audience on May 3rd at the Showcase of Hose Solutions from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. The PT Coupling booth will be highlighting our outstanding, American-made quick connect/disconnect couplings, replacement parts, and hose systems that suit a wide variety of industrial applications.

PTC Dimetric view assembly March 2016We will be spending the next month preparing the products we will bring with us to Colorado. The couplings, hose fittings and retention systems, hose clamps and banding, and tools manufactured by PT Coupling are of the highest quality in the industry and represent the dedication we have for our customers and the industries that rely on us. We look forward to seeing you at the NAHAD Convention!

For more information about PT Coupling products please call 1-800-654-0320 or visit

Why “Made in the USA” is Good for All of US

U.S. manufacturing is experiencing a resurgence. With a focus on the economy and job growth, our industry is receiving more positive attention than it has in the last 40 years. More industries and consumers are realizing the importance of manufacturing to our economy. As domestic energy American Flag Image PTC Blogproduction continues to increase, “homemade” goods are becoming more cost-competitive with those made overseas.

Although products made in the U.S. have become more competitive in cost, the quality has remained as high as ever, making it very attractive to contract for products made in a U.S. job shop. Cost and quality are the biggest factors in manufacturing, but the benefits of U.S. made products go much further than that. In contracting with a mid-sized domestic manufacturing operation, the capabilities are equal to those of a larger company, but the experience is enhanced through the personal relationship that is built with the client.

PT Coupling knows this process extremely well. Next year, we are looking forward to celebrating our 65th anniversary in business and many of our clients have trusted in our work for numerous years. As a family owned business we take pride and care in each project and product we complete.

Our services go beyond those of large, impersonal corporations where it may be difficult to get exactly what you need. The dedicated team at PT Coupling is experienced and easy to access and work with. One of our specialties is our expert engineering department that works closely with each client to make sure the products are exactly as they require. In addition to custom capabilities, we also have a wide range of mainstream products available.

After 60+ years, our commitment to the core values of our business, quality, service, and integrity, remain the same. Our success has been built on providing customers with
exceptional products and customer service. The American-made quick connect/disconnect couplings and replacement parts manufactured by PT Coupling are used throughout a wide range of markets including petroleum, industrial, chemical, and food and beverage.

Choosing products made in the USA helps our neighbors, our communities, and our
economy. With PT Coupling’s competitive pricing, on-time deliveries, and higher standards of customer service, is there a reason to look anywhere else?

New Year, New Exciting Options!

Happy New Year!

pt couplingAt PT Coupling, we have built our success on the commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality, service, and integrity of any manufacturer in our industry. These values drive all of our actions and in 2015 we will continue to build on these principles with exciting new digital offerings.

Our new digital catalog and App are moving us into the modern mobile age with technologies that put our products right at your fingertips. This new full color catalog offers easy and intuitive navigation, clear and concise product information, and simple ordering abilities. Item information is as clear as in a paper catalog but the electronic version offers hi-tech options that aren’t available by others in the industry.

This new electronic catalog enables printing or emailing of individual pages for direct and specific email marketing to customers for information on new products. Customers, manufacturing reps, and employees will have the information they need with one click of a button!

Since this is web-based, the amount of information is beyond what we can offer in a simple paper document. The online, electronic version offers links to additional information such as YouTube videos that showcase our products in real-world situations.

Our new App complements our digital catalog and brings our showroom right to your phone or tablet. It is interactive and offers product information as well as different tiles that will be updated with new and exciting educational and technical videos and information on products.

As we kick off 2015, we are looking forward to entering the digital age and interacting with our customers on a new level by enhancing their access to our products and making it simple to receive product information and place orders. But, don’t worry if you aren’t ready to become digital yourself; we still offer catalogs in the traditional hard-copy paper format for those who prefer having a catalog in hand.

We are excited about these new options and hope they will serve you well and make receiving the information you need a little easier.  Click here to access our digital catalog and check the App Store for our free mobile application.


Discussing meaningful issues at Clean Gulf Show 2014

There was an important show last week for those involved in oil spill response. The Clean Gulf Show, held in San Antonio, provides a forum to discuss meaningful policy issues. Industry leaders, equipment manufacturers, government officials and those involved in oil spill response have gathered at this conference and exhibit for the past 24 years.

The conference advisory committee, a veritable who’s who in petroleum, emergency response and government, put together a collection of relevant, timely topics. Attendees learned about the latest in refresher courses from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPS), a keynote address from Rear Admiral Kevin Cook, Commander of the Coast Guard’s Eight District and responsible for the Coast Guard’s activities in the Gulf of Mexico and several panel discussions.

The mega session focused on the growth of oil and gas production North America is currently experiencing. Emphasizing this growth creates new opportunities for the economy; it also presents the potential for more accidental spills both on land and off shore. The conference concluded with several plenary sessions on well containment, training and exercises and the impact of wildlife during and after emergency responses.

The exhibits in the trade show area offered many opportunities to learn about the newest equipment and a “learning lounge” area was a first for the show. This provided attendees the ability to hear some unique presentations presented exclusively in the lounge. The trade show portion also provided many opportunities for networking with key people associated with oil spill response.

Secure-lokOf course, PT Coupling was there. Our booth featured a large assortment of products geared to the conference and show. These included our Pressure safe couplings, Secure-Lok locking system, Safety Bumps and other products from our safety line, all designed to aid in prevention and response scenarios.

All who attended came away better prepared for any emergency response related to the oil and gas industry. While it may be too late for you to attend this year’s event, you can start planning for the 2015 Clean Gulf Show. Visit and watch information on the 2015 show.

PEI Convention at the NACS Show Recap: A Successful Endeavor!

At PT Coupling, we wholeheartedly believe in the importance of attending industry events; not only is it great for our sales, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with our customers and our peers face to face.

We recently exhibited at the 2014 PEI Convention at the NACS Show on October 7-10, and it was a great success! The show is the biggest and best event for the fuel and fluid handling equipment industry, and as we expected, it did not disappoint.tradeshowpic

One thing we noted was that this year’s show seemed to have more of an international presence than ever before. Javier Villamizar, General Manager of PT Latin America (whose bilingual skills proved invaluable) noted that “there were many visitors from all parts of the world, and in particular from Latin America. We were busy talking to potential and existing customers who were very glad to hear about our new operation dedicated to serve this important and growing market.” He also noted that attendees who had previously purchased from China were very receptive to what PT Pacific has to offer, and to our Made in the USA products.

Our Regional Sales Manager, Brooks Broberg, pointed out that our HoseMarc Pro Plus machine attracted many people to the booth, and generated significant discussions about the applications of the HoseMarc machines. “Even while talking with end users of hoses,” said Mr. Broberg, “we were able to help them see what applications they might use it in, and that they could require this item on their hoses.” Other popular items at the show, as noted by Mr. Broberg, were versatile swivels, pressure safe fittings, Max-Dry fittings, and safety bumps.

The show has a very strong value for us, for both domestic and international contacts, and we were beyond pleased with how the event’s attendees responded to our products. We can safely say that it was a wonderful opportunity, and we look forward to furthering our relationships with everyone we saw there.

Helping in the Journey to Revitalize Manufacturing in the USA

For several decades, choosing manufacturing as a career has typically been at the bottom of many student’s lists for dream jobs. Jobs in manufacturing are often over looked and perceived as low-tech for various reasons. However, manufacturing is an essential part of our economy that is driven by highly technical skills. According to a recent report, “manufacturing today accounts for 12 percent of the U.S. economy and about 11 percent of the private-sector workforce.”  Decades ago, the United States used to dominate the world in manufacturing and today our position has slowly deteriorated. It’s important for manufacturers to re-engage our youth and reverse the negative image manufacturing careers present.

There are various ways to increase interest in manufacturing, for example, October 4th has been pronounced Manufacturing Day. This day was created to promote the importance of manufacturing in the US and the role it plays in our economy. Companies are encouraged to open their doors to the public by giving tours and live demonstrations of their day to day operations with hopes of portraying manufacturing as a viable career option.

PT Coupling stands behind Manufacturing Day all the way! We believe that for too long, we have become overly dependent on other countries to manufacture our goods and in the process have lost many economic opportunities to other countries. By revamping the negative image manufacturing has we can make a difference and help bring back manufacturing jobs to the US.256px-CP-plus(an_annual_camera_trade_show_in_Japan)small

One way we help in this image revamp is by attending trade shows. We are able not only to expand our customer base, but also showcase the different capabilities we have for manufacturing. By highlighting our products and services in a hands-on atmosphere, we are able to bring attention to the meaningful part we play in the US economy. On October 22-24th we will be displaying at the Wichita Industrial Trade Show. Stop by Parrish Manufacturing booth #10 to see us. We would love to chat!