Delivering Value to Customers Through Made In America Manufacturing

Quality. Ease of use. Speed to market. When buying a part, these are the attributes customers look for. They’re the same things to look for when choosing a manufacturer. Having all of PT Coupling’s operations under one roof in Oklahoma allows us to deliver on all three.


As an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, we pride ourselves on quality control. Before shipping them out, we perform in-house testing on all of the parts we manufacture, and provide documentation of that testing to our customers. And our quality assurance doesn’t end there. We also provide materials certifications with all of our parts, so that our customers know they’re getting a quality metal in their parts. When working with an overseas manufacturer, customers typically don’t know what metal they’re getting. The quality of our parts is also enhanced by the ease of working with PT Coupling.

Ease of Use

What does “ease of use” mean when you apply it to a company? In short, it means great communication; it’s the ability to easily talk to us, and for us to easily communicate internally so that your optimal part is realized. Being easily reachable also means that after you buy our parts, if you have any questions or problems we’re right here to help you get the most out of what you ordered. Lastly, our location allows our distributors to easily reach us as well, ensuring that they’re always well stocked and that they can get the specialty parts they need.

Speed to Market

By keeping production in the U.S., we provide our customers with shorter lead times than they can get from overseas manufacturers. That speed to market is enhanced further by the ease with which we can be reached by and respond to our customers and distributors. We have a full engineering department that can quote just about anything. With a capability for large parts and a considerable capacity, we can handle a wide scope of order parameters for our customers.

Keeping our products Made in America is an important part of our business. And lately, it’s become increasingly important to our customers. That increased demand for our parts has allowed us to invest in our operations in order to supply even more customers. We’re in the process of expanding our foundry with two additional furnaces, an upgrade that will make us 75% more productive and allow us to supply high quality, Made in America parts to even more customers

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