First Quarter Recap: What has PT Coupling Been Up to?

The first quarter of 2015 has been filled with many exciting and stimulating events. Our
involvement in a wide range of industries leads us to new opportunities at every turn. To recap what’s been happening with PT Coupling lately, here are just a few recent events and activities that expand on our commitment to quality in every aspect of our business.

As we mentioned in our last blog, we attended the NAHAD Convention and the NAHAD 2015 Amy, Marketing Director Matt, PresidentNTTC Expo. The turnout for both shows was remarkable. We introduced Safety Pumping Systems to a new audience and received very positive feedback. As a system that is a great benefit to the haulers of crude and refined petroleum products, we were happy to be greeted with such enthusiasm. (Amy Parrish, Marketing Director, with brother Matt, President, left).

Another new introduction that was favorably received was the Logo Store feature on our app. Many visitors commented on how easy and informative these electronic offerings are to use. As we continue to move into the future we will continue to add technology that enhances our services.

At our trade show booths, we also included the Performance Distributor Program (PDP) which recognized outstanding work of our team of top performing and loyal distributors to PT Coupling Company. The NAHAD and PDP Award Imagedistributors that showed the highest degree of dedication to PT Coupling’s products, by carrying most of our products, attending onsite training events, and using the equipment was rewarded with top honors to show our appreciation for all of their hard work in 2014. (From the left, Jim Parrish, Chairman & Owner of PTC, Eric Von Kaenel & Bob Jacobs, Goodyear Rubber Products Inc., winners of the PDP, Tom Martin, PTC South East Rep., Matt Parrish, right). Everyone who participated in the PDP last year also received a plaque. We wouldn’t be successful without these dedicated distributors.

We also attended the NAHAD Hospitality Party, a unique mini-trade show event, held in Candy Bar ImageSouth Beach, Florida. This exclusive event brings together manufacturers with different specialties. The annual, white-tie gala was attended by about 300 guests and 9 manufacturers. With everyone doing something different – candy bar (right), sushi, etc. – this was a fun and non-competitive event to network and socialize with others in the hospitality industry.

Now that the first quarter is past, we are heading into the second quarter with a full plate of projects and events. Stay tuned to see what PT Coupling has coming up.

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