PT Coupling Learns, Teaches, and Makes Safety

June is a great time of year – the days are getting longer and warmer, everyone is taking vacation, and the kids are out of school. All of this makes it a great time to talk about safety, as these distractions can push it out of our minds. This is why every June is National Safety Month, a month dedicated to addressing safety issues at work, at home, on the roads, and in the community.

National Safety Month 2016 safe for lifePT Coupling Makes Safety 

With our products in use across a number of dangerous industries including the Petroleum sector and chemical and industrials areas, we produce plenty of safety products designed to keep our customers safe. These include:


Safety Bump and Safety Lock – Providing a comfortable handle to avoid injury and a bump to protect the hose fittings and ears from damage.
Secure Locks – A great way to secure your couplings to prevent tampering or accidents, great for lock out/tag out needs.
Pressure Safes – Passive safety features to protect the operator from personal injury in the event that quick release cam arms are opened under pressure.
Safety Pumping Systems – Entire systems constructed with the utmost safety in mind, to prevent transloading spills and accidents such as blown hoses.

PT Coupling Learns Safety

Our team is constantly learning the latest in safety procedures, and updating our practices to meet these as well as any new OSHA regulations. This includes sending our team offsite to conferences, seminars, and more. For instance, during National Safety Month, our safety director will be participating in the 2016 Oklahoma Safety & Health Conference – a three-day seminar in which we will learn new safety ideas and tactics to bring back to our team to incorporate into our everyday practices.

PT Coupling Teaches Safety

Of course, all of this does nothing if you don’t spread the word, and we are committed to educating both our workers, as well as external parties. Twice a month, our safety committee comes together to addresses safety issues, including answering questions, clarifying process and policies, discussing OSHA rules and regulations, and more. One of those meetings is a safety audit, while we also allow for additional safety classes during the month as needed. You can see an example of our safety standards and practices for both employees and visitors here.

Our goal at PT Coupling is safety for everyone we touch – from our suppliers to our staff and workers, to our customers and beyond. While National Safety Month is a great yearly reminder, we like to treat safety as something that should be on your mind every day of the year. It keeps everyone going home safe and sound at the end of the day, and that should be the focus of all companies, regardless of size, industry, or reach. So please join us in observing regular safety in all aspects of your life! Wanting more? Take a look at our National Safety Month blog from June 2015!

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