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PT Coupling Learns, Teaches, and Makes Safety

June is a great time of year – the days are getting longer and warmer, everyone is taking vacation, and the kids are out of school. All of this makes it a great time to talk about safety, as these distractions can push it out of our minds. This is why every June is National Safety Month, a month dedicated to addressing safety issues at work, at home, on the roads, and in the community.

National Safety Month 2016 safe for lifePT Coupling Makes Safety 

With our products in use across a number of dangerous industries including the Petroleum sector and chemical and industrials areas, we produce plenty of safety products designed to keep our customers safe. These include:


Safety Bump and Safety Lock – Providing a comfortable handle to avoid injury and a bump to protect the hose fittings and ears from damage.
Secure Locks – A great way to secure your couplings to prevent tampering or accidents, great for lock out/tag out needs.
Pressure Safes – Passive safety features to protect the operator from personal injury in the event that quick release cam arms are opened under pressure.
Safety Pumping Systems – Entire systems constructed with the utmost safety in mind, to prevent transloading spills and accidents such as blown hoses.

PT Coupling Learns Safety

Our team is constantly learning the latest in safety procedures, and updating our practices to meet these as well as any new OSHA regulations. This includes sending our team offsite to conferences, seminars, and more. For instance, during National Safety Month, our safety director will be participating in the 2016 Oklahoma Safety & Health Conference – a three-day seminar in which we will learn new safety ideas and tactics to bring back to our team to incorporate into our everyday practices.

PT Coupling Teaches Safety

Of course, all of this does nothing if you don’t spread the word, and we are committed to educating both our workers, as well as external parties. Twice a month, our safety committee comes together to addresses safety issues, including answering questions, clarifying process and policies, discussing OSHA rules and regulations, and more. One of those meetings is a safety audit, while we also allow for additional safety classes during the month as needed. You can see an example of our safety standards and practices for both employees and visitors here.

Our goal at PT Coupling is safety for everyone we touch – from our suppliers to our staff and workers, to our customers and beyond. While National Safety Month is a great yearly reminder, we like to treat safety as something that should be on your mind every day of the year. It keeps everyone going home safe and sound at the end of the day, and that should be the focus of all companies, regardless of size, industry, or reach. So please join us in observing regular safety in all aspects of your life! Wanting more? Take a look at our National Safety Month blog from June 2015!

Check in with Us at the Pacific Oil Conference this Fall!

The Pacific Oil Conference (POC) is the premier event for independent petroleum marketers and convenience store retailers in the western U.S. Taking place at the JW Marriot Los Angeles L.A. Live on September 8-10, this three day event features education and networking events, as well as a trade show highlighting vendors, demo products, and innovative solutions.

As a premier manufacturer of American made quick connect/disconnect couplings and replacement parts for the petroleum industry, PT Coupling has over 60 years of experience in providing the highest quality products that meet the unique requirements of petroleum handling. Stop by Booth #2 to learn about innovative ideas, solutions, services, and products that play a role in all phases of petroleum manufacturing, logistics, and transportation.

Serving important aspects of fuel transportation, from refining processes to loading/unloading of tanker trucks, PT’s products are constructed from high quality 316 stainless steel or aluminum and are built to last in even the harshest conditions. At POC we will be demonstrating petroleum handling products such as:

• Cam and groove couplings
• Truck flanges
• Vapor recovery equipmentPOC Image
• Valves/fittings/clamps
• Hose retention systems
Safety bumps
• Hose maintenance software
• Engraving machines

One of the most innovative products we have to showcase at this year’s conference is the Safety Pumping System. This system offers the safest choice for crude oil transport by preventing blown hoses and overfilling. The system also protects the environment and reduces spillage and waste. All of our products are designed and made to meet the highest quality standards with components proudly Made in the USA.

Safety Pumping System Image

Also, make sure to check out our readily available hose maintenance software options! The HoseMarc, one of our favorite engraving machines, allows you to create a visible record of your hose serial number, bore size, month, year of assembly, and maximum working pressure to save you time and stay organized! We will also be presenting PT Exaro, the hose maintenance solution that presents immediate and accurate information on the status of hose assets.

PT Coupling representatives will be available in Booth #2 to answer questions about our products, explain our manufacturing capabilities, and to provide solutions to your fluid handling needs.

Check out our site for further product information or questions. We are always happy to help with any inquiries you may have!

First Quarter Recap: What has PT Coupling Been Up to?

The first quarter of 2015 has been filled with many exciting and stimulating events. Our
involvement in a wide range of industries leads us to new opportunities at every turn. To recap what’s been happening with PT Coupling lately, here are just a few recent events and activities that expand on our commitment to quality in every aspect of our business.

As we mentioned in our last blog, we attended the NAHAD Convention and the NAHAD 2015 Amy, Marketing Director Matt, PresidentNTTC Expo. The turnout for both shows was remarkable. We introduced Safety Pumping Systems to a new audience and received very positive feedback. As a system that is a great benefit to the haulers of crude and refined petroleum products, we were happy to be greeted with such enthusiasm. (Amy Parrish, Marketing Director, with brother Matt, President, left).

Another new introduction that was favorably received was the Logo Store feature on our app. Many visitors commented on how easy and informative these electronic offerings are to use. As we continue to move into the future we will continue to add technology that enhances our services.

At our trade show booths, we also included the Performance Distributor Program (PDP) which recognized outstanding work of our team of top performing and loyal distributors to PT Coupling Company. The NAHAD and PDP Award Imagedistributors that showed the highest degree of dedication to PT Coupling’s products, by carrying most of our products, attending onsite training events, and using the equipment was rewarded with top honors to show our appreciation for all of their hard work in 2014. (From the left, Jim Parrish, Chairman & Owner of PTC, Eric Von Kaenel & Bob Jacobs, Goodyear Rubber Products Inc., winners of the PDP, Tom Martin, PTC South East Rep., Matt Parrish, right). Everyone who participated in the PDP last year also received a plaque. We wouldn’t be successful without these dedicated distributors.

We also attended the NAHAD Hospitality Party, a unique mini-trade show event, held in Candy Bar ImageSouth Beach, Florida. This exclusive event brings together manufacturers with different specialties. The annual, white-tie gala was attended by about 300 guests and 9 manufacturers. With everyone doing something different – candy bar (right), sushi, etc. – this was a fun and non-competitive event to network and socialize with others in the hospitality industry.

Now that the first quarter is past, we are heading into the second quarter with a full plate of projects and events. Stay tuned to see what PT Coupling has coming up.

Product Spotlight: Safety Pumping Systems

The pumping systems used in hazardous liquid transport are one of the most important aspects of the market. Their dependability and quality are simply invaluable.

Our patented Safety Pumping Systems (SPS) are known for having revolutionized safety within the industry, with their unique features and uncompromised reliability. They are also known throughout the industry for their ease of use and installation, and for their distinctly user-friendly aspects.

Now, with our offering of the System-in-a-Box kit, it brings the safety features of the SPS to the price point of every fleet and application, allowing for the benefits of the SPS without the costs of custom pump installation.homepage3

With this new offering of the trailer-mounted hydraulic drive crude system, the product is available in both trailer- and tractor-mounted configurations, and either PTO or hydraulically driven.

All of our Safety Pumping Systems offer unique benefits and features that include:

  • Driver-friendly, safe and easy operation with variable flow in both directions
  • Relief valve protection in both directions of flow, reducing the chance of spills
  • Neutral position—no flow, no pressure
  • They use standard Roper 3648 or Blackmer TDX3E single relief valve
  • Simple hydraulic system—one speed, one rotation, on/off
  • The tactile feel of the pumping process prevents spills and manages any issues, offering driver control

With these advantages and innovations, it’s no wonder our SPS systems are being recognized as the standard pump system for the country’s leading tanker fleets. They are as easy to install and use as they are effective, and they provide the best assurance of safety for an industry that depends on safe operation.

Want to see them in action? Check out these demonstration videos, and feel free to contact us with any questions.