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Hose Assembly Tools

Hose Assembly Tools

Why are PT Coupling hose assembly tools and systems considered industry leading units?

  • Our hose assembly hand tools are designed for fast economical application of punch type clamps in the 3/8" and 5/8" sizes.
  • The assembly tools also work with J-Lok, and steel banding and buckle applications.
  • Theses hose assembly tools come in portable styles and standard shop floor styles.

The new catalog of PT Coupling hose assembly tools is ready to view. You can see them here.

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Hose Tool - Efficient, Safe, and Cost Effective

Hose Tool

The Hose Tool is an alternative hose assembly tool that requires little effort for quick and safe installation of hose couplings. Proper use of the Hose Tool can save on time and reduce damaged fittings and hoses.To operate simply place the fitting over the insert, put the fitting up to the edge of the hose, and start pumping the arms. PT knows that safety is important, and swinging sledge hammers and boiling hoses is now a thing of the past. Fast and effective, the Hose Tool is a high-quality product that is proudly made here in the USA. Try one today at your local PT Representative.

Key Features:

  • Portable
  • Interchangeable sizes
  • No need to heat up hoses
  • Work safe, no sledgehammers!
  • No chance of damaging the fitting being inserted
  • Easy to line up to ferrule interlock with coupling groove

Rolite Machine - Finally, a Hose Assembly Tool with the Operator in Mind

After struggling with many types of hoses and fittings that can make hose assembly a difficult and sometimes tedious process, PT Coupling Company has engineered the equipment and process that makes installation and removal of fittings an easy, painless experience. Unlike other methods of hose assembly, the PT Coupling Rolite PT3 Fitting master yields performance and reliability with unique features such as:

  • Pneumatic air tool
  • 1200 lbs of thrusting power
  • 350 lbs of hose gripping power
  • Accommodates hose diameters from 1" to 10"
  • Accepts all styles of hoses
  • Coupling removal capability
  • And More

>> Click here to learn more about the Rolite hose assembly tool

PTS8 - Maximize Your Investment Dollars with this Efficient Hydraulic System

PT has developed a new hydraulic system designed to improve efficiency and usability, while minimizing maintenance and operating costs. Ergonomics and productivity are both improved due to a thin profile. It also has a smaller foot print than traditional equipment, which saves valuable manufacturing space. The system utilizes Slide Bearing Technology which brings the following benefits:

  • Maximum productivity with very low maintenance cost
  • No grease, improving cleanliness of machine and hose assemblies
  • No grease increases operator safety and happiness
  • And more

The PTS8 also features an easy to use micrometer setting, making this universal crimper easy to use. This reduces training time and confusion, while remaining extremely flexible for many coupling and hose applications.

>> Click here to learn more about the PTS8 system

TA-3 Tension-Air™ - Totally Automatic Production Hose Clamping Machine

The TA-3 Tension-Air™ is totally automatic with no manual punching or bending required. It is the fastest machine available in the market for efficient production clamping. It only requires one man and three seconds to operate.

  • One-step clamping system
  • Adjustable clamp tension
  • Rugged construction

>> Click here to learn more about the TA-3 Tension-Air™

Need a quick calculation done on the go?

Ask us about our iPhone application for determining crimp specifications in a snap! Get a look at it here.

You can view the full line of PT Coupling products here.