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Locking Cam Arms

Locking Cam Arms

Why should PT Coupling's locking cam arms and cam arm locking systems be your first choice for security and safety? PT Coupling always strives to keep your work environment safer with innovations designed with the operator in mind.

Features and facts about our line of locking cam arms:

  • PT Coupling has designed variations for locking the cam arms on the cam and groove couplers quickly and safely.
  • One of our popular innovations is called the Safety Bump®. The Safety Bump® not only protects the driver's hand, but also extends beyond the hose fittings and cam arms, protecting them from damage as well. These come in three different sizes and material types.
  • PT Coupling provides several cam arm locking options including the Safety-Lock™. This is an easy to install and easy to remove, heavy duty "clip" that clicks into place over the cam arms in 3 sizes. There are also 3 sizes of hook and loop straps that help with locking the cam arms in place. Proper use of these mechanisms can help prevent spills by keeping the cam arms from opening as they sometimes can during transport or high use periods.
  • The STA LOK® line of locking cam arms were designed originally by PT Coupling for the US Coast Guard. The STA LOK® line is a positive locking feature type and the STA LOK®II is a passive locking cam & groove feature.
  • For a higher level of security the SECURE-LOK PT Coupling's cam & groove locking system secures your couplings with a medium duty padlock. It prevents theft of media, pollution, and can be used as a lockout tagout system. The locking cam arms prevent removal of coupler cam pins. They are designed to fit most brands and configurations of cam and groove couplings. They are made of 12 gauge 316 Stainless Steel, with welded hinge pins for better tamper resistance. Sizes available are 2", 3", and 4".

What are the PT Coupling locking cam arms made out of?

Safety Bump® is made in from a glass filled composite Polypropylene. It is available in Polypropylene (blue), anti-static Polypropylene (black) and a food grade certified composite (white).

SECURE-LOK is made of 12 gauge 316 Stainless Steel for strength & corrosion resistance.

The STA LOK® positive locking feature comes with Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel hitch pin clips. You may also substitute a padlock in place of the hitch pin clip.

The STA LOK® II locking cam arms are made with either 316 Stainless Steel or Brass.

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