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Petroleum Handling Couplings

Petroleum Handling Couplings

Why use the petroleum handling couplings manufactured by PT Coupling?

  • All PT Coupling raw castings are manufactured from primary master ingot and/or virgin stocks and ferroalloys in U.S. foundries and machined in our own machine shop, Central Machine & Tool.
  • Our petroleum handling couplings come with an advanced design self-locking handle.
  • Designed to last longer, even under harsh conditions.
  • Half the moving & replacement parts.
  • Lightest weight parts in the industry.

PT Coupling manufactures an extensive variety of products designed for petroleum handling. These include tank truck flanges, tight fill elbows, API for bottom loading, dry disconnect couplings and Wedgon breakaway fittings, as well as several products for vapor recovery. PT's petroleum handling products are made from quality aluminum or stainless steel, and built to last.

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Typical Applications for PT's Petroleum Handling Couplings

PT's petroleum handling fittings are used in all phases of petroleum manufacturing, transportation and logistics. They serve important roles in fuel transportation, from refining applications to tank trucks, and much more.  They are also suited to work with the emerging bio-fuel industry.

Optional Parts Available

PT Coupling offers a variety of seal/gasket material options and products for use with vapor recovery to prevent accidental discharge of fuel.

For more technical specifications about our petroleum handling product line please visit this page.