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Swivel Couplings

Swivel Couplings

What are the visible advantages of using PT brand swivel couplings?

  • It's a cost-effective way to simplify all your connections.
  • There's less danger of accident or spillage because hose twisting and kinking are significantly reduced.
  • Swivel couplings prevent system shock.
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance.
  • Swivel couplings are easily aligned with other system components.
  • PT Coupling features many options and designs that will fit nearly any need.
  • Live swivel at a low RPM.

See all of the new designs for swivel couplings in our full catalog, plus many other types of couplings, hose retention systems, accessories and more, here.

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Our versatile swivel couplings are 100% manufactured in the USA. They are made out of American sourced Aluminum and 316 Stainless Steel. Different materials for special applications are available upon request. PT swivel couplings feature Stainless Steel ball bearings for smooth motion and durability. The versatile swivel couplings can also be rebuilt in the field with swivel repair kits. The versatile swivel has the same maximum working pressures as our standard cam and groove couplings. In addition the swivels require no grease. Protect your hoses and improve the lifetime of your hoses by using PT Coupling's Versatile Swivel System.

What types of gaskets are bundled with your swivel couplings?

PT Coupling is proud to feature high performance fuel resistant Buna or Viton® gaskets as standard equipment in our versatile swivel couplings. They are known for their excellent resistance to corrosion and wear. Other seal materials for the swivel couplings are available upon request!

Are there any options for customized swivel couplings from your factory?

PT Coupling's Versatile Swivel System provides a new level of versatility across all industrial applications. There are 64 different configurations available in each size, to fit nearly any type of application. The configurations are almost unlimited. The options include:

  • Hose shanks
  • Pipe & Tank Truck Flanges
  • Cam and groove
  • NPT threads
  • Weld–butt & socket
  • Grooved pipe coupling
  • Vitaulic
  • Various seal types

Applications for our Swivel Couplings

Our swivel couplings will perform over a wide range of product applications including metal hose, nozzles fuel oil applications, chemical, dry bulk, and industrial.

Swivel couplings made with pride

Proudly made in the U.S.A., PT Couplings come with high quality workmanship and customer service. All PT Coupling raw castings are manufactured from primary master ingot and/or virgin stocks and ferroalloys in U.S. foundries and machined in our own machine shop, Central Machine & Tool.