Fittings are used in various applications within the Government industry such as federal, state, and local municipality hose application requirements, just as they are in many other sectors. In addition, products are available to meet MIL-SPEC, US Coast Guard, and other Maritime specifications. Here are some common uses of hoses and fittings in government-related activities:

Applications can include:

  • Aerospace and Space Exploration
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Emergency Response
  • Firefighting
  • Fueling Systems
  • Infrastructure and Facilities Maintenance
  • Military Applications
  • Municipal Landscaping
  • Potable and Waste Water Transfer
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Transportation
  • Waste Oil, Chemical & Other Fluid Recycling/Recovery

Products Used in Government

The specific applications and requirements can vary widely depending on the government agency and its functions. Hoses and fittings are chosen based on factors like the type of fluids being conveyed, temperature and pressure requirements, and durability considerations.

In all of these applications, the selection of appropriate hoses and fittings is crucial to ensure safety, reliability, and efficient operation in various government-related tasks. See what PT has to offer: 

E-Adapter GOV, Green Anodized Alum

D-HD-Coupler-SLB Cams, Brass

F-Adapter Reducer-BSP, Stainless Steel

ACY-HD-Coupler X Adapter X Adapter-HBS Cams, Alum

STR-Y Strainer GOV, Clear Anodized

C50-Ferrule, Stainless Steel

More Industries

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