Fittings play a critical role in the mining industry, where rugged and durable equipment is necessary to withstand harsh operating conditions. Here are some common application requirements for hose, hose assemblies, piping, fittings, adapters and reducers, accessories and other transfer systems in the mining industry:

Applications can include:

  • Chemical Handling
  • Components of Electrical Conduit Protection Systems
  • Dewatering
  • Dry Bulk Material Handling 
  • Ducting, Venting and Breathing System Components
  • Dust Suppression/Control
  • Fire Suppression
  • Fuel and Lubricant Transfer
  • Washdown and Cleaning
  • Water and Slurry Transport

Products Used in Mining

In the mining industry, hoses and fittings are subject to extreme conditions, including abrasion, high pressure, and exposure to chemicals and extreme temperatures. Therefore, selecting the right fittings that are designed for these specific applications is crucial for the safety and efficiency of mining operations. Maintenance and regular inspections are also essential to ensure the integrity and longevity of these components in such demanding environments. Check out some of the products PT offers for the Mining industry: 

C50-Ferrule, Carbon Steel

PFC-Pipe Flange Coupler-HBS Cams, Ductile

E-Adapter Reducer, Alum

G-Check Valve-HB Cams, Brass

CXA-Coupler X Adapter Long-HBS Cams, Brass

LD-Coupler Elbow-HBS Cams, Stainless Steel

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