Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing

In the Chemical Processing market, hoses and fittings play a critical role in handling and transferring a wide range of chemicals safely and efficiently. These components are crucial for maintaining the integrity of chemical processing operations and ensuring the safety of both personnel and the environment. PT offers exotic metals for your application. When choosing specific fitting materials for chemicals, please contact your PT Representative for recommended usages. 

Applications can include:

  • Acid and Alkali Handling
  • Chemical Transfer and Conveyance
  • Dosing and Metering Systems
  • Emergency Response and Containment
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Paint & Ink Production
  • Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Sanitary Processing
  • Solvent Handling

Products Used in Chemical Processing

Proper selection, maintenance, and use of hoses and fittings are paramount in the chemical processing industry to guarantee the safe handling, transfer, and processing of a wide array of chemicals while adhering to industry regulations and safety standards. Here are a few items from PT's Chemical Processing category for you:

PFA-Pipe Flange Adapter Reducer-Raised Face, Stainless Steel

MDD-Coupler-HBS Cams, EPDM, Stainless Steel

DWS-Coupler X Socket Weld-HBS Cams, Tube, Stainless Steel

C50-Ferrule, Stainless Steel

EC50-Adapter, Stainless Steel

CAL-Coupler Adapter Elbow-SLS Cams, Stainless Steel

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