Featuring PT Coupling's Safety Tank Solutions® (STS) PT products play a crucial role in various applications within the transportation industry, which includes the automotive, aerospace, marine, and rail sectors. The products are used for different purposes, ranging from fluid transfer and control to safety systems. Here are some common uses PT products in the transportation industry:

Applications can include:

  • Bulk Dry Aggregate Transfer
  • Bulk Tote Transfer
  • Chemical Hauling
  • Fuel and Oil Systems
  • Fuel Transfer and Delivery
  • Oil Delivery, Recovery, and Recycling
  • Safety Equipment
  • Sand Transfer
  • Water and Fluid Transfer

Products Used in Transportation

The transportation industry places unique demands on hoses and fittings due to varying operating conditions, such as extreme temperatures, vibrations, and exposure to environmental factors. As a result, these components are engineered to meet stringent safety and performance standards. Regular inspection, maintenance, and replacement of hoses and fittings are essential to ensure the safety and reliability of transportation equipment and vehicles. See below products that PT offers for the Transportation industry: 

API100-API Adapter

A-Adapter Reducer, Alum

TTFC-Tank Truck Flange X Coupler-HBS Cams, Alum

UTF40-Ultimate Tight Fill Elbow Assembly

CSPVR-Vapor Recovery Coupler X Shank-HB Cams, Alum

B-Coupler-BSP-HBS Cams, Poly

More Industries

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