Fittings are essential components in the Railroad industry, where they serve various purposes to ensure the safe and efficient operation of trains and associated equipment. Here are some common uses of hoses and fittings in the railroad industry:

Applications can include:

  • Bulk Gas Transfers
  • Chemical, Solvents, and Paint/Ink Transfers
  • Dry Bulk and Aggregate Transfers
  • Fuel Transfer
  • Fueling Stations
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Water, Slurry and Wastewater Handling

Products Used in Railroad

Railroad hoses and fittings must meet stringent safety and performance standards, given the critical role they play in the industry. The materials used in these components must be able to withstand the stresses of heavy loads, extreme temperatures, and the wear and tear associated with the movement of trains. Regular maintenance and inspection of hoses and fittings are crucial to ensure the safety and reliability of rail operations. See what products PT offers for the Railroad industry:  

D-HD-Coupler-SLS Cams, Stainless Steel

C50-Ferrule, Carbon Steel

PFA-HD-Pipe Flange Adapter, Brass

DWS-Coupler X Socket Weld-HBS Cams, Tube, Stainless Steel

TCA-Tank Car Adapter, Alum

CSV-Coupler Swivel-HBS Cams, FKM, Stainless Steel

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