By Ali Kirtley, Published 01/05/2024

[ENID, OK] — PT Coupling, a leading manufacturer of cam and groove fittings, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its core product line with the introduction of new material options for PT's LONG B COUPLERS, also known as "Long B's."

The original high-quality couplers are made from Aluminum alloy A-356-T6. The Aluminum fittings lightweight durability for a range of applications. The newest addition to the product line includes 316 Stainless Steel, catering to chemical or corrosive environments, making the Long B the ultimate solution for engaging cam arms in tight space applications where tanks, flanges, and pump housings are often utilized.

PT's Long B Couplers, proudly cast, machined, and assembled in the USA, have superior pressure ratings that surpass industry standards. The added length provides to ability to close the cam arms when threading the male NPT in applications such as tanks, flanges and pump housing as well providing a wrench nut for faster easier assembly. The machined port option provides versatility with various thread types. Long B Couplers range in sizes from 3/4 inch up to 4 inch sizes (see chart). The couplers are also compatible with STA-LOK II® cam arms. With multiple sizes available and the option to choose between Aluminum and 316 Stainless Steel, PT ensures that the Long B Couplers meet diverse industrial needs.

3/4 in 1400207L 07B-L HBS 316SS 316 SS 250PSI
1 in 1400210L 10B-L HBS 316SS 316 SS 250PSI
1-1/4 in 1400212L 12B-L HBS 316SS 316 SS 250PSI
1-1/2 in 1400215L 15B-L HBS 316SS 316 SS 250PSI
2 in 1400220L 20B-L HBS 316SS 316 SS 250PSI
3 in 1400230L 30B-L HBS 316SS 316 SS 200PSI
4 in 1400240L 40B-L HBS 316SS 316 SS 150PSI

The new 316 Stainless Steel Long B Couplers come standard with PT's HBS 304 Stainless Steel cam arms. Customers can customize their orders with STA-LOK II® cam arms or HB 316 Stainless Steel cam arms based on material and size preferences.

PT's commitment to providing options extends to the installation of ports on the couplers, allowing users to add pressure gauges or "clean out" lines. For additional flexibility, PT's Long B Couplers can be used with other fittings to create various configurations, such as the option to create CXA’s with a Long B Coupler attached to a Standard A.

PT also recommends SAFETY BUMPS® and SAFETY LOCKS® as compatible accessories to enhance fitting protection.

For more information on PT's Long B Couplers and the expanded material options, please visit, or 1-800-654-0320.